Living Communities What Are Living Communities?

BLUEGREEN Living Communities believes that the living community model is the best way to create neighbourhoods that work. We supply both the physical environment and the guidance in social process to ensure that residents experience the best in community living, while retaining necessary elements of privacy and individual space. We create:

  • A sustainable community & home
  • Neighbourhoods that are people-focused and look out for one another
  • A secure place for you and your loved ones
  • A place to make new friends and new relationships
  • A community where you know your neighbours before you move in
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How We Do It: The Process

BGLC works with you to develop good neighbourly relationships prior to moving in. We engage you in part of the design process by inviting you to help with design decisions for The Commons.

By working, playing and making decisions together, living communities foster strong friendships and strong communities.

For more information, click on the button below to view a PDF providing a brief overview of the BGLC process.

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